Everything you should know before beginning your paint and sip class in Gold Coast

While the sip and paint Gold Coast experience is rather simple, it’s great to know what to anticipate. This is particularly true if you’re in charge of a large group. Or if you’re attempting to convince your boss to schedule a paint and sip team-building day for your department.

Paint and sip Gold Coast events mix a professional-led painting lesson with a high-energy atmosphere and a few beverages. Most Gold Coast studios are either BYOB or feature built-in bars. Although wine is the most popular beverage, many of the customers prefer beer, spirits, or lemonade. Paint, drink, and have a good time. As long as you complete at least two of the three, you’ll be OK.

What to anticipate:


Paint and sip Gold Coast classes are pre-paid, and you’ll be given all painting tools, protective smocks, wine glasses, corkscrews, and even ice buckets, so you don’t need to bring anything!

Because part of the fun of a paint and sip Gold Coast event is snacking while you paint, the majority of groups arrive with some snacks. Generally, there are no restrictions on what you may or may not bring to eat… however we do recommend leaving the tuna fish at home. Consult your local studio’s food and beverage policy to see whether it is a BYOB or bar, as well as whether they provide their own snacks.


Do not be concerned about paint leaking onto your hummus plate! Your studio will include a counter or table for storing food, bottles, and dishes. Your painting table will be large enough to accommodate wine glasses and food plates, and students will rise periodically throughout the session to return for seconds. Additionally, your instructor will offer you with occasional breaks to ensure that you do not miss a brushstroke.


Guests are overwhelmingly above the age of 25. Painters must be at least 13 years old to attend a class, and unaccompanied children are not permitted. The studios are meant to be vibrant, creative locations for people to unwind with a drink. Consult the website of your local studio for details on its age policies.


The duration of the paint and sip Gold Coast class is determined by the artwork chosen by your studio. Make plans for an entire evening!


The majority of painters arrive early to set up their food and beverages and have some downtime with their pals before the painting begins formally. 


You do not need to have any prior knowledge in painting to attend a paint and sip Gold Coast class. The teachers will walk you through every step, from mixing paint colors to selecting the appropriate brush strokes. Would you want to personalize your painting? They’ll assist you with it as well.

Consider the Following When Starting a Paint and Wine Business

Are you prepared to launch your own business?

After attending a top ten entrepreneurship business school and growing up in an entrepreneurial family, starting a paint and wine business might be a frightening transition, not because it is paint and sip Gold Coast business, but because it is a small business. For those of us with children, it’s an excellent test to see whether you’re ready to have another child, as that’s what starting a new small business will feel like. A business must develop through time in order to crawl, eat, walk, and talk. Eventually, a business will become self-sustaining, but only after much care and parenting. Assuming that a new paint and sip Gold Coast business would take off on day one is a major error, so ensure that you have the time and patience necessary to devote to business ownership.

Do you have a strong desire to entertain?

I spent several years as an adjunct lecturer at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business. It’s always wonderful to see kids considering creating and managing their own businesses. The concepts of widespread prosperity and perfect liberty are contagious. It’s evident in the expressions of several pupils as they work on their latest concept. After they graduate, I meet with many of them as an advisor, and they always get a new respect for the guts and perseverance required to establish a firm.

At its heart, passion is what propels us beyond obstacles to achieve achievement regardless of the cost. Is it possible to have a business that does not require passion? Naturally, there are. Numerous franchise systems are designed to operate with minimum participation from the franchisee other than money. In the paint and wine industry, passion is a vital component.

You must like the prospect of putting a grin on someone’s face following their girl’s night out or date night at your studio. You must like assisting a company in organizing a fun team development event that will bring their team closer together. You must like the sight of a group of painters singing along to music as they work on their creation. This desire to entertain extends beyond educating people to appreciate art and wine.

Paint and sip Gold Coast events are becoming increasingly popular across the country, with studios around the country beginning to offer these evening activities. However, for individuals who have less-than-pleasant recollections of art courses in school, the prospect of spending an evening willingly trying to paint might be scary. Fortunately, today’s paint and sip parties are the polar opposite of anything you would recall from your high school years. Here is some information you should be aware of before your first class.

Young children and teenagers are invited to participate in a paint and sip Gold Coast event, but parents of smaller children should be aware that these gatherings are designed to promote calm adult discussion. You should consider whether or not a paint and sip session is the appropriate atmosphere for your child if she is easily bored. In the case of children who get along with other adults, you are welcome to bring them with you as well. We’ve found that the majority of children are ready to participate in a paint and sip event between the ages of 8 and 10.

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